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Alic Brock,
Triple Elvis, 2021
"Triple Elivs"
— Alic Brock
Simco Drops is pleased to present Triple Elvis by Alic Brock, the artist's first NFT series. Triple Elvis is an exploration of Brock's process, where he breaks up images into overlapping elements that are further digitally manipulated to produce a final composition that is then painted by the artist on a large scale as the finished artwork. Triple Elvis is a procedurally-generated experiment where the artist created variations from his master file to arrive at 333 unique NFTs. 

"I am interested in how a physical painting can live side by side with the digital world. The use of airbrush and photoshop allows me to create paintings that can, at times, appear to be digital work, but are simply paint on canvas. This NFT presentation provides a glimpse into my process of creating a painting, showing the possibilities of making a painting using digital methods. I use pop culture images to give the viewer a frame of reference for understanding where the composition came from and where it has gone."

After all the works have been sold, the collector who acquires the most of the Triple Elvis works will be awarded a unique 1/1 TripleElvis_Black Leather, and the collector who acquires the second-most of the Triple Elvis works will be awarded a unique 1/1 TripleElvis_Gold. Additionally, 1 randomly-selected lucky collector will be awarded a unique 1/1 TripleElvis_Rhinestone. Each Triple Elvis artwork purchase also includes a link to the unique JPG image file via the IPFS gateway.

The artist has also produced Triple Elvis as a printable poster file, and each artwork purchase will receive the poster free as a bonus link to the TIFF image file via the IPFS gateway.

333 unique artworks, released in 1 drop.
3 unique prizes awarded to 3 collectors.
– 333 Unique Triple Elvis artworks
– 7055 x 8000px JPG
– Drops 12/10 - 12:00 PST
Prize 1
TripleElvis_Black Leather.TIFF
7055 x 8000px
TIFF image
Prize 2
7055 x 8000px
TIFF image
Prize 3
7055 x 8000px
TIFF image
Alic Brock (b. 1992, Dayton, OH) is a self-taught artist based in Atlanta. Working with ultra-precision in his airbrush technique, Brock “chops and screws” his subject matter, taking iconic images that he finds online and manipulating them first with computer software and then in real-life by skewing his stencils to create an enchanting uneasiness in his final composition. Brock favors pop-culture icons like basketball players and musicians, but he doesn’t shy away from art-historic subjects like a Man Ray photograph, or more obscure athletes like runners and wrestlers, whose energetic gestures Brock exalts and amplifies. Working with a hyper-saturated color palette, Brock’s paintings, with their repetition and inversion, serve as a meditation on digital communication and visual transmission

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