Q: What is Simco Drops?
A: SimcoDrops is a curated platform for exhibiting and selling contemporary digital art. Our platform is simply an online gallery which will exhibit and sell art that is created within a digital format.

Q: What is Simco Editions?
A: Simco Editions is a fine art print publisher based in Los Angeles that creates print editions with emerging artists from around the world. We collaborate with experienced printmakers to produce silkscreen, lithography, and mixed media prints.

Q: How do I purchase these works?
A: These digital artworks are available for purchase on OpenSea, the largest decentralized marketplace for NFTs and digital art. These works are listed and for sale in the cryptocurrency Ethererum (ETH) and are all blockchain-based NFTs.

Creating an OpenSea Account:
– How to create an account on OpenSea

Creating and Connecting a Wallet:
– Creating a digital wallet and connecting to OpenSea
– How to create a MetaMask wallet

Purchase Ethererum (ETH):
– How to purchase Ethereum

Q: Who is Simco?
A: Simco is the nickname of Stefan Simchowitz, the caretaker of this platform.  Stefan Simchowitz is a collector, dealer, patron and gallerist residing in Los Angeles. Stefan Simchowitz supports the production, financing and distribution of emerging contemporary art around the world. He recently opened a gallery in Los Angeles under his namesake Simchowitz and supports a residency and exhibition program in Los Angeles which provides artists with resources to realize their goals.

For inquiries about future drops contact drops@simchowitz.com