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Cameron Platter,
It's OK - #5, 2021
Sold Out
"It's OK - #5"
— Cameron Platter
Simco Drops is pleased to present It's OK by Cameron Platter, the artist's first NFT and print release. The print consists of 8 separate sheets, displayed together as a vivid portrait of a reclining woman with the message 'It's OK.'

‍From the artist: "ITS OK is a reclining nude. It’s saying that it’s OK to draw a nude. It’s also saying that it’s OK to just be OK. It could be a picture of a woman or a man, or a rainbow or a unicorn- the subject matter isn’t that important. It’s saying that it’s OK to be you. To let it all hang out. To make mistakes. This print was based on a small permanent marker sharpie sketch done while I was undergoing chemotherapy, sitting in a chemo suite for hours each day. I made hundreds of these sketches, which are now being translated into larger drawings, paintings, and in this case a beautiful print edition. ITS OK."

The artist's drop will start on 09/10/21 at 12:00pm PDT. The collector who acquires 'It's OK - #5' will also receive the physical print of 'It's OK' signed by the artist, #5 from an edition of 5 courtesy of Simco Editions.

The remainder of the print edition will be available via the Simchowitz shop, and will also be released on 09/10/21 at 12:00pm PDT.

1 unique artwork, released in 1 drop.
Drop includes 1x print (#5/5)
– 1 It's OK - #5
– 12000 x 8822 px JPG
‍– Includes #5/5 It's OK print courtesy of Simco Editions
– Drops 09/10 - 12:00pm PDT
View the print at Simco Editions
Cameron Platter (born 1978 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is an artist living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. Platter’s interdisciplinary artist practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture, and video, all of which examine consumption, excess, and conflict framed within a fragmented South African identity. Often working with recognizably common objects and motifs, Platter’s investigative artist practice examines aspects of consumerism, marketing, and expression on the ever-shrinking global stage.

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