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   Joey Wolfe
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Case Simmons,
Temple X111, 2021
Case Simmons,
Temple X111, 2021
Drop 1 + 2 — Sold Out
"Temple X 111"
— Case Simmons
Simco Drops presents Temple X 111 by Case Simmons, a celebratory blitz of intricately assembled images that Simmons has collected, cut and constructed into a precarious and precise landscape. Composed of thousands of layers, the artist sources visual references from across the Internet, including a compendium of obscure B-movie posters, as well as the online archives from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Getty Open Content Program to create Temple X, a monumental artwork of endless intricacy.

The first drop of 88 works are unique sketch selections from the original Temple X work. After the end of the first 48 hour drop period, the collector who acquires the most of the 88 sketches will receive a unique Temple work, a collage of the 88 works.

The second drop is of 20 additional larger sketch selections from Temple X, and after the end of the second 48 hour drop period a unique collage of the 20 will be awarded to the collector who acquires the most from the 20 sketches.

This project will conclude with an auction of Temple X, a work that is the result of hundreds of hours of the artist’s search and use of digital visual ephemera. For Simmons, the searching process is an essential component to his practice—a surfing through images, histories and information urging discovery and play. Using formal strategies of quotation, repetition and hybridization, he creates a meticulous visual tapestry that’s provocatively psychological, immersive and explorative.

111 unique artworks, released in 3 drops.
2 unique prizes awarded to the top 2 collectors.
Drop 1
– 88 Unique Temple X Sketches
– 1120 x 1120px PNG
Drops 05/17 — 12:00 PST
Drop 2
– 20 Unique Temple X Sketches
– 3333 x 3333px PNG
– Drops 05/19 — 12:00 PST
– 1 Unique Temple X
– 6000 x 8889 px JPG
- 16200px X 24000px TIF (airdropped)
Drops 05/21 — 12:00 PST
HD Temple X Preview
Prize 1
4444 x 6111 px
JPG image
Prize 2
6000 x 7500 px
JPG image
Case Simmons (b.1983) was born in Clinton, IA and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. As one half of the artist collaboration Simmons & Burke, his work has been exhibited internationally and is held in public collections including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; the Jumex Collection, Mexico City; the Me Collectors Room, Berlin and most recently the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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