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   Julian Pace
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Temple X111, 2021
Julian Pace,
Frida and Parrots, 2021
Drop 1 — Sold Out
"Frida and Parrots"
— Julian Pace
Simco Drops is pleased to present Frida and Parrots by Julian Pace, the artist's first print release. The series of 15 unique archival inkjet prints each have hand-applied gouache and colored pencil by the artist, giving each work a unique set of colorful parrots accompanying Frida Kahlo.

The artist's drop will start on 07/30/21 at 12:00pm PDT. The full print edition will be available via the Simchowitz shop, courtesy of Simco Editions.
1 unique artworks, released in 1 drop.
Drop includes 1x print (#1/15)
– 1 Unique Frida and Parrots - #1
– Archival inkjet print with gouache and colored pencil hand-appliqué
– Drops 07/30 - 12:00 PDT
View the print at Simco Editions
Julian Pace’s (b. 1988, Seattle, WA) pop-historical portraits reflect his experiences living in Florence, where he was based for six years, and New York, where he currently resides. A completely self-taught artist, his world is populated by behemoths of art history, pop culture and sports, as well as more niche characters and personal friends. Pace’s distinct visual perspective and skillful figuration renders his work immediately recognizable. His subjects’ imposing shoulders and reputations might dwarf the viewer, but their expressions and Pace’s careful color choices often convey a more nuanced intimacy. Whether the person Pace is focusing on is a casual acquaintance or an icon, he treats each subject with a balance of reverence and familiarity.
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