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Michael Swaney,
How many paintings in a roll of canvas? - #1, 2021
Sold Out
"How many paintings in a roll of canvas? - #1"
— Michael Swaney
Simco Drops is pleased to present How many paintings in a roll of canvas? by Michael Swaney, the artist's first NFT and print release. The print depicts one of the artist's drawings, made through his intuitive process guided by inspiration found in unexpected places.

‍From the artist: While I was doing the drawing I was thinking about the various tally methods for quotidian games like dominos, cards, darts, and "one potato, two potato", as well as the way people in movies are portrayed stranded in the wild, keeping track of the days. Also, it was done on the back of a found photocopied, slightly foxed poster that I found on the street in Spain.

The artist's drop will start on 09/24/21 at 12:00pm PDT. The collector who acquires 'How many paintings in a roll of canvas? - #1' will also receive the corresponding physical print signed by the artist, #1 from an edition of 40 courtesy of Simco Editions. Please note the physical print is only redeemable once by the original collector of this NFT.

The remainder of the print edition will be available via the Simchowitz shop, and will also be released on 09/24/21 at 12:00pm PDT.

1 unique artwork, released in 1 drop.
Drop includes 1x print (#1/40)
– 1x How many paintings in a roll of canvas? - #1
– 7300 x 10000 px JPG
‍– Includes #1/40 How many paintings in a roll of canvas? print courtesy of Simco Editions
– Drops 09/24 - 12:00pm PDT

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Michael Swaney (b. 1978, Kimberley, British Columbia) is a prolific artist living and working in Barcelona, Spain. For nearly twenty years Swaney has been crafting exuberant paintings, works on paper, ceramics and installations with childlike intensity. Swaney’s formalist style hangs in the balance between baroque and manic, and when paired with his technicolor palette and repeated motifs, the culminating visual universe is expansive and rich. For his subject matter Swaney often refers to pop culture, YouTube and product branding, and interprets the themes as a child might, with innocence and fixation. Toeing a fine line between alienation and invitation, Swaney’s works leap from their surface with frenzied animation.

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