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Temple X111, 2021
Shaina McCoy,
Big Poppa, 2021
Auction — Closed
"Big Poppa"
— Shaina McCoy
Simco Drops is pleased to present Big Poppa by Shaina McCoy, the artist's first NFT release. This release coincides with the launch of Simco Editions, a fine art print publishing platform that collaborates with up-and-coming artists to produce limited edition prints.

"I originally created Big Poppa in 2015. I was firstly inspired to paint him by the song "Big Poppa," and secondly by my mother. I remember that when I was old enough to sit in the front seat of her car, my car ride perspective shifted. Many of the memories I have in the front seat are of my mom reciting lyrics to some of her favorite old school songs. One of them was, of course, "Big Poppa.” Years later, I recreated this image to commemorate him, his sound, and the space where my mama was free to express herself. " - Shaina McCoy

The artist's drops will consist of two timed auctions starting on 05/22/21 at 12:00pm PDT. The collector who acquires 'Big Poppa - #1' will also receive the physical print of 'Big Poppa' signed by the artist, #1 from an edition of 25 courtesy of Simco Editions.

The print edition will be available via the Simchowitz shop, and will also be released on 05/22/21 at 12:00pm PDT.

2 unique artworks, released in 2 auctions.
Auction 1 includes 1x print (#1/25)
Auction 1
– 1 Unique Big Poppa - #1
– 10000 x 7748 px JPG
Includes #1/25 Big Poppa print courtesy of Simco Editions
– Drops 05/22 - 12:00pm PDT
Auction 2
– 1 Unique Big Poppa
– 10000 x 7748 px JPG
– Drops 05/22 - 12:00pm PDT
View the print at Simco Editions
Shaina McCoy (b. 1993, Minneapolis, MN) is an artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Working with richly hued oil paints, McCoy creates selectively-colored canvases that depict imagery drawn from photographs of family members and other intimates. Finding a formal balance between artists such as Kara Walker and David Hockney, McCoy builds faceless figures from thick, tactile layers of glossy paint; the resulting images are vivid and vibrant anonymous portraits, loaded with sentiment and mystery. McCoy’s work captures the ambiguous and familiar essence of memory, radiating both history and wonder.

McCoy graduated from Minneapolis Community and Technical College with an AA in Fine Art in 2017, having previously attended the famed Perpich Art Academy in Apple Valley, Minnesota. Solo exhibitions include Father Father, François Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2020) and A Family Affair, Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco, CA (2019). Selected group exhibitions include Riders of the Red Horse, The Pit, Los Angeles, CA (2020); Body in Motion Traveling Bodies, Stems, Brussels, Belgium (2020); The Flat Files, The Pit, Los Angeles, CA (2019); 33 Works By 3 Artists, Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco, CA (2018); Now More Than Always (Gimme Gimme the Money Please Please I Want the Money Please), Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO (2017); OverNorth Part 2, Venture North, Minneapolis, MN (2015); and Rapper’s Delight, City Wide Artists Gallery, Minneapolis, MN (2015).

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